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Stacy Hutchinson
MMT# 8306
NCBTMB Certified
NCBTMB approved provider

I graduated from Professional Massage Training Center, Springfield, Missouri, in 2006. Since then I have studied and proficiently practiced many modalities including massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, precision neuromuscular therapy, and prenatal massage. However, my passion for the healing arts began many years before 2006. In 1996, I received a bodywork session from Ken Ladd utilizing Applied Bio-Mechanics and Cranial Sacral Therapy. I was astonished at the results. I hounded Ken to teach me this amazing therapy but he told me that if I was serious, I must go to massage therapy school and become legally certified to put my hands on people. Ten years later, after receiving my massage therapy license and at last attending Ken’s Applied Bio-Mechanics class, I learned that he had only told me that because I was obviously lost with no plan for the future. He was right. That one day in Ponca, Arkansas, in 1996, however, would set my future career, passions, and life’s work on a singular path, and I am eternally grateful.

After completing the Applied Bio-Mechanics course, I took Ken’s Cranial Sacral Therapy class, and these have become the foundation of my practice. The combination of these in one session is what I call “The Work.”

As I look excitedly to the future, I’m beginning the next phase in my chosen life’s work. Ken has given his blessing for me to begin teaching his courses to others. I’ll be working with him one on one to assure the teaching is authentic, correct, and clear. I am excited to share my expertise and love of The Work with all who are ready to learn it.

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