The Warrior Discount

      As many of you know, I have offered a permanent 50% off discount to our nation's service men and women both active and non active. It has been my honor to help many of these individuals with their goals to reach a more pain free, comfortable lifestyle. Many have experienced relief from issues they were under the impression would plague them their entire lives. All were grateful to be treated with the respect they so greatly deserve.

     The reason I write today is to educate those who might be confused as to why I offer my services to these brave men and women at such a steep discount as well as to explain some changes I have decided to make. I have decided to broaden the discount from only serving our military to those others who selflessly put themselves between danger and the people they have dedicated their lives to protect. 

     Recently, I have had the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to be one of these people. Through reading Lt. Col. Dave Grossman's books On Killing and On Combat, my understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of combat and killing, has reached new depths. Where before, I had extreme respect for our fighting men and women, now I respect their path even more. Civilian men and women can not know what it is like to have to overcome their brain's own wiring to do what needs to be done when the moment of truth arrives.

     The truth is, these people are born with an amazing gift. Grossman states that in the normal, human brain, there is no desire to kill one of our own kind. It doesn't come naturally to us. In fact, our brains are wired NOT to kill our own kind and that is a very healthy, normal state to be in. There are those wolves that would feed mercilessly on those who would not do harm. We see in it our media everyday. However, there is another class of person that is born with the gift of aggression as well as a deep caring about their fellow man. Those would be the sheepdogs of our community, selflessly protecting the sheep from the wolves that would harm us.

     We hear, as Americans, a never ending tale about crooked cops, PTSD riddled returning Veterans, and negativity permeates every aspect of the media, coloring our views of our own Warrior Class. Where it is an unavoidable truth that there are bad apples in every profession, to blanket negativity on them all does them a great disservice. We would do well to remember that positive information rarely makes it as a lead story and everyday, there are thousands of police officers, Marines, Soldiers and others who are the first to jump into danger when others would turn away from fear.

     The fact that you practically have to seek out these great stories should show how separate we have become as a community and honestly, should bring an amount of shame that we can send our own off to fight and possibly die, without thinking of them, caring for them, or celebrating their safe return. It should also make us think about how we feel disdain for the officer who caught us driving dangerously but that in a moment of danger, we depend on that same person to protect our families and to save us.

     These people are not with out fear. Their bodies go through the same physiological effects that anybody's does. It is with a lot of training and conditioning that they are able to go into situations that would leave others a babbling mess, curled up in the fetal position, with their brains unable to function from the immense amount of stress and fear. The fact that they have undertaken this effort should be applauded. These facts should make it to where we smile at them, show them our support and respect as a people dependent on their bravery. Perhaps if we took the time and energy to learn more about what our Warrior Class experiences, faces and endures along the physical issues that accompany this choice of lifestyle, we would honor them as they deserve.

     So, it is with these thoughts that it is placed upon my heart that I do all I can to help these men and women to the best of my ability. I may not be able to shake every hand and express my gratitude to all, but what I can do, I do with eagerness. The modes of therapy that I have specialized in, the education that I have sought and continue to seek, is to help heal and to return the body to a normal state of health or as close as we can get.

     I offer my services at half price to them as a way to achieve health goals that is affordable as well as respectful of their life choice and how it relates to me. They protect and I am the protected. I hope by my example that others will take it upon themselves to learn more about what our Warrior Class means to us as a society and I hope it will lead others to seek out new ways to be of service to those who serve us, knowing that any day they may pay the ultimate sacrifice. There really is nothing that we can do worthy of the price they pay everyday.

     The discount will no longer be referred to as the Military Discount. From now on, it will be referred to as The Warrior Discount. 

Those who qualify are as follows:
Military Persons both Active and Non Active (only, does not extend to family members) 

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