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This August 2022, Applied BioMechanics Massage Therapy & Bodywork will be available in two locations; Harrison, Ar. and Leslie, Ar. There will be two schedules and scheduling links for these locations so be careful to book at the right place.
Stacy is very excited about the opportunity to work where she lives, in the beautiful town of Leslie. Not only is Leslie known for being a scenic, beautiful town. Leslie also has delicious, top notch restaurants that people travel from miles around to experience. This lovely town also has artists, craftsmen, and a community of connected people that love to get together and support local events. Another thing Stacy loves about this area is the number of local farms that care about raising animals and produce; offering clean, healthy food not laden with harmful chemicals. Stacy is passionate about knowing your local farmers so you can know and feel confident about the food you feed your family.
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200 E Rush Ave
In Harrison Arkansas:

Applied BioMechanics is located inside the large office building at 200 E Rush Ave Suite #9, Harrison, Ar. 72601. This is a beautiful, quiet building in downtown Harrison. Located across the north facing street is Bliss Salon, and on the west facing street, Peaceful Massage. There is parallel parking on the street or a parking lot on the south side of the building. 

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The Leslie Location:
Applied BioMechanics is located inside L.A. Salon & Boutique at 420 Main Street, Leslie, Ar. 72645. Click the picture to the left for directions.
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